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Core Values

While each school has its own vision and mission, all schools are committed to the following core values:



All member schools determine their own missions and philosophies, select their faculty and students, and develop their curriculum. Accordingly, OIS members are self-governing and self-supporting.


Educational Excellence

OIS schools are expected to engage in a continuous process of research, reflection and on-going commitment to educational excellence that enables them to stay relevant to their missions and to the students and families they serve.


Community Respect and Diversity

OIS members actively encourage students to explore diverse points of view and to engage in lively and respectful discourse with their teachers and peers about any ideas, cultures, and values different from their own. OIS schools teach students to think critically and to challenge their own perspectives as they grow in their knowledge of the broader world. The inclusion of diverse perspectives and backgrounds strengthens the quality of a school’s culture and educational program. A commitment to diversity acknowledges and honours the perspectives and backgrounds within the school community and makes every member feel that he or she belongs and is equally valued.


Collegial Relationships and Ethical Leadership

The OIS has benefitted from a long tradition of collegial relationships and ethical leadership within its member schools. To sustain this tradition, schools voluntarily operate in accordance with good independent school practices. Each school’s focus is on nurturing every student as a unique individual and guiding them to realize their full academic potential. The ultimate goal is to develop life-long learners who go on to become responsible citizens who give back to the community.