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Membership Characteristics

Any independent private school within the Town of Oakville may pursue membership with the Oakville Independent Schools. To be considered mission-appropriate for membership, a school must support the mission and core values of the OIS and abide by the following essential characteristics and criteria.


Primary Focus of Academic Education

The OIS only accepts membership from schools whose primary focus is academic education. The mission, philosophy, and goals of our schools articulate a commitment to academic preparation; ensuring students are inspired toward and prepared for subsequent educational opportunities. OIS member schools prepare students for pursuit of future educational opportunities.


Commitment to the Best Interests of Children

The OIS demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the best interests of the students and families they serve. This includes commitments to the long term sustainability of the school; providing the continuity of educational experience through to the graduation of the child; and promoting a safe and inclusive community.


Commitment to the Public Good

The OIS offer an independent educational option for a wide variety of families and by giving back to their community through service, economic development, and providing quality organizational structure, curriculum and instruction.


Physical Location or Place

Top educational opportunities and experiences for primary, elementary and secondary children are grounded in teacher-student interactions. To this end, we expect schools to have a campus/facilities where students are able to frequently and meaningfully interact with adults and peers.


Effective Operating and Administrative Structures

Success of OIS members is secured through operating structures that provide fiduciary responsibility and strategic oversight, the goal of which is long term viability. This includes an administrative structure that effectively manages the daily operation of the organization, ensuring the sustainability of the school for faculty, staff, and families.