Find the Right School for Your Child

For Families

Young people today face many opportunities, influences and challenges. With the rapid pace of technology, the constant impact of social media and the increasingly competitive post-secondary and employment landscape, the decision to choose the right educational partnership is more important than ever.

Advantages of an Independent School

Smaller classroom settings in safe, nurturing environments in which to learn and grow

Enthusiastic, highly-engaged and accessible teachers with a passion for their subject areas and a student-centred focus

Resources and facilities that support continued advancements in learning while engaging new technologies

Enriched programs in the arts, music, athletics and languages to uncover hidden talents and complement a solid academic foundation

An environment dedicated to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of all students

Autonomy and flexibility to implement effective policies and innovative approaches to teaching and learning

The curiosity sparked from Kindergarten to Grade 12 starts our children on a life-long journey of learning. From building a strong foundation in academics, to discovering hidden talents in sports, arts, music, drama and leadership – the reasons families choose an independent school is as unique as each child. Finding the right school for your child is empowering and invaluable. It is what transforms eager learners into responsible citizens and game-changers.
A supportive learning environment that instills confidence and encourages tolerance while teaching independent thought is what is offered at independent schools. Implementing learning strategies and approaches in innovative and effective ways is paramount. A strong academic foundation is coupled with a wide-range of extracurricular activities and philanthropic opportunities that will help develop character and leadership skills.

The Oakville Independent Schools represent an impressive group of 13 independent private schools located in Oakville, Ontario. In fact, it is one of the largest clusters of independent schools in Canada. Each school has something different to offer and one of them might be the perfect match for your child’s growth and your family’s values and goals.