We’re picking up a little bit on our November blog post where we posed the question ‘What do you tell your kids about the future?’

We recently read an interesting piece on the National Public Radio (NPR)  website exploring the various aspects of ‘personalized learning’. You can read the entire piece here.

One observation in the article really stood out.

“Being pretty good — even very good — at the same thing that everyone else is pretty good to very good at doesn’t get you anywhere. You really want bold, audacious, curious, creative problem-solving kids that embrace ambiguity.” – Ted Dintersmith

Ted Dintersmith is a technology venture capitalist who presents himself as an expert, not in education, but in innovation, and is the author of What School Could Bewhich features teachers talking about the promise of education.

That comment got us thinking about the breadth and depth of choice that exists within Oakville Independent Schools (OIS)  – how the leadership of our teachers enables students to embrace the possible; how the variety of our schools offers many compelling avenues to individual success; how our smaller class sizes create the opportunity for students to be ‘known’ by the school community and be recognized for the bold, curious and creative kids they genuinely are.

OIS members offer an unparalleled selection of compelling environments and student-centered education including primary, elementary, secondary, Montessori, International Baccalaureate, AP, AP Capstone, special needs, traditional, progressive, religious-based, boarding, single-gender and co-educational schools.

We invite you to learn more about how our schools are creating a community of curious, agile and resilient kids who will be well equipped to manage what ever the future brings.

We wish you a very blessed and peaceful festive season.


Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash