The Junior and Senior Kindergarten programmes at Glenburnie School are carefully aligned to encourage progression of growth across all curriculum areas.  With regards to literacy skills specifically, both grades follow the developmentally-based Handwriting Without Tears program.  This curriculum promotes the development of strong writing habits from an early age through the use of specific manipulatives and related hands-on activities, which strengthen fine motor skills.  As students work through this program, we focus on correct individual letter formations (top-bottom), and appropriate pencil grip.

In conjunction with handwriting instruction, letter-sound associations are also reinforced through the Jolly Phonics program.  This program is introduced in Junior Kindergarten, and continued on an “as needed” individual student basis in Senior Kindergarten.  Jolly Phonics allows students to learn the letter sounds through a multi-sensory approach, which complements the methodology employed by Handwriting Without Tears.

In combination with both programs, students enthusiastically participate in a wide variety of active, engaging, and child-centred learning activities and discovery centres, which leads to success in the development of their literacy skills.