The first impression before entering the building is, “This is a school?” And then once through the front doors, it changes to, “This is a school!  Awesome!” 

The truth is, most educational systems accommodate for round pegs to fit into round holes.  Valiant attempts are made to work with other shapes, but all with the goal of eventually fitting into the round holes.  If you do not fit, parents and children are made to believe something is wrong.

At Wildwood, we celebrate and cherish the variety of shapes in our world.  It is through accepting and nurturing these individual strengths that students can figure out how they best “fit”.

At Wildwood Academy, we approach the learning of each of our learners not as an exception, but as the rule. The rule that – every child can learn. 

The Wildwood community is different because it wants to be. It thrives on these differences. It is through these differences that the students come to recognize themselves in those around them. It instills a desire to grow and an understanding that their growth depends on the growth of others, creating an empathetic learning environment where students are excited for school.  If children are excited – really excited? Then… the sky is the limit.


~John Dinner~