Last month we offered three reasons to consider enrolling your child in a private/independent school. This month we’re providing three more reasons to include in your assessment. Recent changes to the Ontario government’s education policy mean that many parents will be taking another close look at their options. 

  1. Parents’ involvement

The member schools of the OIS strongly encourage the parent community to play a significant role in the education of their children. Whether assisting with activities such as helping students learn to read or participating as a valued member of the Parents’ Association, you have a direct pipeline to the schools’ senior staff. Our schools see your child’s education very much as a three-way partnership and your voice will be heard.

2. Choice based on personal preference

Our schools offer a broad array of approaches to your child’s education. If you have a child with special learning needs, two of our member schools specialize in this area and have long-standing reputations for delivering highly-personalized and effective support. If you’re interested in a faith-based option, again two of our member schools deliver very high quality curriculum that supports your beliefs and practices. These are but two examples of how OIS members meet your very specific requirements. 

3. Teaching children how to think

Our member schools focus on teaching your child how to think, as opposed to teaching students what to think. In our fast-evolving world this ability to encourage cognitive agility and adaptability is critical for all children and it is an area where the OIS members truly excel. 

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash