The workshop, where our young apprentices hone their carpentry skills under the leadership and supervision of Ryan Daiber, is nothing short of spectacular.

What was once a “catch all” room used to house the garbage bins and items to be mended has been transformed into a fully functional work space, complete with work benches, a full array of tools, eye wash station and first aid kit. 

Most of the items were donated by family and friends of the Wildwood Community, as well as local businesses such as Rona and Home Depot.

The workshop was designed by Mr. Daiber and constructed by the students under his supervision. The students patched, primed and painted the space from top to bottom.  They utilized their math skills to measure the space, budget for the materials and purchase the required supplies.

Since the grand opening ceremony in June 2013, the workshop team has constructed six picnic tables and 14 Muskoka chairs.  The chairs were beautifully crafted and quickly sold by the students.